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No organisation can prosper without its band of dedicated enthusiasts and workers, so we honour here those who have made significant contributions to the development and on-going success of the East Anglian Collie Association.

Founder Members:

mrs hazel collins (better known as hazel hunt, rifflesea)

mrs iris combe (tilehouse)

miss e de belle ball (killartry)

mr ralph fendley (ralveras)

mrs h goodwin (hildlane)

mrs pru green (coverdales)

mr alan jeffries (jefsfire)

mr b lancaster

mr b le grice

mr & mrs arthur lindsey (ivanmoor)

mr jo mycroft (mywicks)

mr john parrott (larkena)

miss dora peek (ousevalley)

mrs d roseberry

mrs bobbee roos (wickmere)

mr t swan

mr j trower

mrs a west

mr j wellbourne

East Anglian Collie Association Judges Lists Bobbee Roos as featured on the front cover of 'The Collective Writings of Bobbee Roos' published by the Collie Club of America
Bobbee Roos as featured
on the front cover of
The Collective Writings
of Bobbee Roos,

published by the
Collie Club of America

Jo Mycroft  (mywicks) -  Founder Member, breeder/exhibitor and Collie judge. From his successful Kennel, the two best known dogs were Ch Mywicks Meadowlancer and his daughter, Ch Mywicks Satine Of Simbastar, who won 30 CCs between them.

On 11 December 1956 a meeting was called to propose a new Breed Club in the East Anglian region, and this took place in Wisbech at the home of John and Yvonne Parrott. From among the sixteen people present, a ‘caretaker committee’ was elected to deal with the formalities of registering a new Breed Club with the Kennel Club.

John Parott was elected Chairman, Bobbee Roos Secretary and Mr B Lancaster Treasurer. A new Club had to be sponsored by an established Breed Club, so the Midland Collie Club agreed. To support our application, twenty-five Founder Members had to be found and each were expected to pay a £2 Founders’ Membership fee.

The East Anglian Collie Association was officially registered by the Kennel Club on 3rd July 1957.

On 23rd January 1957 the Secretary, Bobbee Roos, applied to the Kennel Club with the registration fee of 21/- (1 guinea or £1.05), requesting approval to form a new Collie Coub. Three names were submitted - East of England Collie Association, East Anglian Collie Association and the Eastern Counties Collie Association.

Whos’ Who- Officers

Miss E de Belle Ball (killartry) — Both Founder and committee member from our earliest days, Miss de Belle Ball’s collie activities first came to prominence in the 1930s. Living in Woodbridge, Suffolk, she was one of the few who managed to maintain a nucleus of breeding Collies throughout the war years, and was therefore well place to play a significant role in re-establishing show lines at the end of hostilities.

Refusing an invitation to become our first President in 1958, giving travel difficulties as her reason, Miss de Belle Ball did accept the honorary role of Vice-President and Life Membership the following year. She marked the occasion by donating the ‘Wild Rose of Killartry’ cup to the club, which is awarded to Best Puppy in Show at our October Open Shows.

Ralph Fendley (ralveras)a Founder Member and resident of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Although both Ralph and his wife, Vera, were committee members, they never held Office.

Arthur & Muriel Lindsey  (ivanmoor) -  Founder Members from Whittlesey near Peterborough.They ran a small but select Collie Kennel, based on Ladypark lines. Arthur usually showed the dogs whilst Muriel reared the litters and prepared them for exhibition.

Mrs George H “Bobbee” Roos (wickmere) — Founder Member and the East Anglian Collie Association’s inaugural secretary. Unfortunately her husband, a Lieutenant Colonel in the American Air-Force, was recalled from his East Anglian base in early 1958 and on returning to the States Bobbee became an active member of the Collie Club of America.

Keenly interested in education and welfare issues, her writings and lectures were so popular that the Collie Club of America’s Collie Health Foundation published her writings as a limited edition entitled ‘The Collective Writings of Bobbee Roos’. Whilst this has since become a much sought after collectors’ item, her book ‘Collie Concepts’, first published 1982, remains in print and continues to be recognised as a ‘standard work’.

Jim and Joyce Sargeant (carramar) — Jim and Joyce were successful Rough Collie breeders, best remembered for their beautifully coloured Blue Merles. Their contribution to collie development was considered of such significance that their Carramar affix is now permanently protected by the Rough Collie Breed Council.

Although living just outside the East Anglian boundary, Jim became the Club’s President in 1964, replacing the international all-rounder and journalist Stanley Dangerfield. Jim held the post until his untimely death in 1969, when his wife took up the role until her death in 1975.

John and Yvonne Parrott (larkena)a husband and wife team who lived near Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. Both became Founder Members and frequently opened their home for early club meetings.

John became the Club’s first Chairman, holding the office until 1975 when he was elevated to President, a position he held until his death in 1983.

Alan Jeffries (jefsfire)despite being based in the Midlands with his wife Kath, Alan was a Founder Member and possibly instrumental in persuading the Midland Collie Club to sponsor The East Anglian Collie Association’s application for Kennel Club recognition. The Club was further honoured when he agreed to judge the dogs at its inaugural Championship Show in 1975.

Iris Combe (tilehouse) 1914-2009 — Irish by birth, Iris moved to London as a teenager with her mother and following her marriage to Captain Tom Combe, moved to Colchester where she became known around the local shows with her working and performing sheepdogs, the ‘Tilehouse Tykes’

In 1956 Iris  was involved in an impromptu discussion at the Suffolk County Show regarding the possible establishment of an East Anglian Collie Club, and by this time she was already a successful breeder and exhibitor of Rough Collies. Smooth and Border Collies were later added to her Kennel, all of
which fitted with her wider interest in
‘British Herding Breeds’.

One of our Founder members, Iris is best remembered as a knowledgeable
and prolific author. However, she also enjoyed judging all of her breeds, both in the UK and internationally, and her opinions were always worth hearing.

Hazel Hunt (rifflesea) -  during World War II Hazel spent four years in the Womens’ Land Army and purchased her first Rough Collie at the age of 17.

In 1946 Hazel married her first husband, Dr KG Collins, who purchased Lad Of Ladypark for her. She registered the Kennel name ‘Riffelsee’ and the following year won her first CC with him. Two years later Lad was a Champion! Over the years Hazel has had the pleasure of making up seven champions.

In 1951 she was the youngest ever judge to award CCs in Rough Collies and has judged the breed at Crufts and most major shows in UK and abroad.

In 1970 Hazel studied law and became a Lawyer.

She later married Mr Hunt and, because of a mix-up at the Kennel Club, her affix was re-registered as Rifflesea’.

Hazel has been President of the West of England Collie Society for many years and is the author of the book ‘Rough Collies’ and numerous Collie-related articles, in addition to being Editor of the Club’s annual ‘Round-Up’ magazine.

They presented the Club  with the ‘Ivanmoor Rex’ trophy, named after their

first Rough Collie ‘Beau of Hawthornden’ (b. 1948), nicknamed ‘Rex’. The trophy is still presented to Best Puppy In Show at our Open Shows.

Miss E de Belle Ball - Killartry -- EACA Founder Member Mr Ralph Fendley - Ralvera -- EACA Founder Member Founder Member John Mycroft (Mywicks) Arthur Lindsey of the Ivanmoor Kennels Bobbee Roos, Founder Member and first Secretary of the EACA Jim Sargeant - Carramar
Miss E de Belle Ball
Image supplied by Mary Stevens
Courtesy of Rough Collie Archives
Ralph Fendley
Photo by C M Cooke
Courtesy of the Antoc Archive
Jo Mycroft
Photo CM Cooke
Courtesy of the Antoc Archive
Bobbee Roos
Mr John Parrot - Larkena -- EACA Founder Member Mr Alan Jeffries - Jefsfire -- EACA Founder member Iris Combe - Tilehouse -- EACA Founder Member Hazel Collins of the Riffelsee Collies (better known as Hazel Hunt of the Rifflesea Collies)
John Parrot
Photo by C M Cooke
Courtesy of the Antoc Archive
Alan Jeffries
Photo by C M Cooke
Courtesy of the Antoc Archive
Iris Combe
Image part of the ‘Tilehouse’
Courtesy of Rough Collie
Photo by C M Cooke
Courtesy of the Antoc Archive
Hazel Hunt
Joyce Sargeant
Photos by C M Cooke
Courtesy of the Antoc Archive
Arthur Lindsey
Photo courtesy of
Barbara Lindsey
Founder Member Joyce Sargeant
Jim Sargeant
Photos by C M Cooke
Courtesy of the Antoc Archive
Founder Member Muriel Lindsey of the Ivanmoor Collies
Muriel Lindsey
Photo courtesy of
Barbara Lindsey

Jo Mycroft awarded CCs eleven times in total, including Crufts in 1963. Sadly, he died suddenly, at the age of 65, whilst on a judging trip to Australia. As Des Rippon had joined him in the Mywicks Kennel some time before his death, he continued breeding and showing the dogs though with nothing like the same success.