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At the Suffolk County Show a group of Collie exhibitors discussed the possibility of establishing a Rough Collie Club to serve the large East Anglian region comprising Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and part of Essex.


The EACA’s inaugural show - a 10-class Sanction Show - was held in October 1957 and 30 Collies (83 entries) were judged by Mr E J Allsopp (MERRION). BIS was a Jefsfire dog.

The East Anglian Collie Association was registered by the Kennel Club on 3rd July, with Bobbee Roos elected as inaugural Secretary.


Mrs Frisby took over Secretarial role after Bobbee Roos returned to America, a post she held until ill-health forced her retirement.


Fred Buckle (burwydne) replaced Mrs Frisby as Secretary until his untimely death three years later.


Jim Sargeant (carramar) replaced all-rounder and broadcaster Stanley Dangerfield as Club President.



Jim Barnard (Washbay) elected as Secretary.

The EACA established its popular annual Dinner and Dances which continued for the next  fourteen years.

Pat Barnard (washbay) elected Secretary, fulfilling the role for
the next sixteen years.


Joyce Sargeant (carramar) replaced husband Jim as President.



The EACA granted Championship Show status.

John Parrott (larkena) elected EACA President with Jim Barnard (washbay) as Chairman.

The kennel club reduced the number of cc’s available for Rough Collies, from forty to thirty-seven, so the EACA unfortunately lost theirs after only three years. A third Open Show was therefore organised.


EACA’s Silver Jubilee year, with a special Open Show in place of our Championship Show, judged by Founder Members Alan Jeffries (JEFSFIRE) and Club President John Parrott (LARKENA).



Championship Show status restored after six year gap.

The EACA established its Trade Stand

The EACA’s ‘Pup of the Year’ competition and dinner dance was introduced as an annual event in January.


Pat Hutchinson (karibuni) elected Secretary after Pat Barnard
indicated a wish to retire.


Eye testing clinics were introduced at the Championship Shows.


THE EACA donated £200.00 towards the cost of the new Small Animal Hospital at the Animal Health Trust, Newmarket.

The club established two Sanction Shows each year - one held in April at St Matthews Church Hall in Norwich, the other in October at the Alex Wood Memorial Hall, Norfolk Street, Cambridge.  

the eaca scheduled its first open show in January. This was judged by Mrs KJ Tweddle (ARCOT) and attracted an entry of 91 Collies making 250 entries. Once class of Smooth Collies was scheduled (one entry) and four classes of Shetland Sheepdogs.

Sheltie classes discontinued due to poor entries

the club’s last sanction show held. Mrs JE Cable (LEEPARK) judged.


Suffolk County Show 1959 - four Rough Collie Exhibitors including founder member Iris Combe - 2nd from the left

the Kennel Club ceased to ‘sanction’ shows in 1999

Sanction Shows

entry to Sanction Shows was limited to members, and the classification was limited to
exhibits which had not won out of
Post Graduate, the highest
class scheduled.

These shows were a popular
starting point for
novice exhibitors.

The more experienced
used them as a training ground
for a new puppy or young adult,
while those most experienced exhibitors would often spend an

evening or afternoon doing a little
'Future Star' spotting.

Early Beginnings

After the initial ad-hoc
meeting at Suffolk County
Show a  more formal
meeting was called
where it was agreed a Club should be formed. 25  
Founder Members
each paid the necessary
£2 membership fee.

Midland Collie Club, with the support of
 Mr E J Allsopp
(merrion), agreed to become the

official sponsor, a necessity
under Kennel Club rules for a proposed new club.

Of the three names
East Anglian
Collie Association
was the one accepted on
3rd July 1957, making it the third youngest registered
Rough Collie Club.

EACA’s Founder Members included:

John Parrott  -  (larkena)
Alan Jeffries  -  
Iris Combe  -  
Joe Mycroft  -  
Pru Green  -  
Hilda Goodwin  -  
Bobbee Roos  -  

Miss E de Belle Ball - (killartry)

Ralph & Vera Fendley -(ralveras)

Hazel Collins  -  (riffelsee)
better known today as
Hazel Hunt  -  (rifflesea)

the kennel club discontinued compulsory pre-show Veterinary inspections, therefore the presence of a vet at shows was no longer necessary.


Smooth collie classes  were scheduled thereby our Shows were promoted to Sub-Group status.

junior handling classes introduced but discontinued after the
Kennel Club ruled entries could no longer be taken on the day.


the eaca changed its championship show date from November to early August.

Smooth collie classes, without Ccs, were reintroduced to our Championship Shows.

The East Anglian Collie Association’s Ruby Anniversary Celebratory Championship Show Catalogue/Handbook - Compiled and edited by Pat Hutchinson Cable's Leepark Spring Venture - sable & white dog Best of Breed at East Anglian Collie Association's first Championship Show 1975
Leepark Spring Venture
Best of Breed at our first Championship Show

Collie of the Year

'B' and 'C' Judges List Criteria for Rough Collies

In 2007 the Kennel Club,
introduced its new slogan:

‘Fit for Function – Fit for Life’

In those breeds served by
several clubs, the Kennel Club
further insisted that an overall Breed Health Coordinator should be appointed. Their role is to correlate data from
all clubs.

The EACA commissioned Barbara Jones, a Collie owner and artist, to paint a water colour of three Rough Collie heads, one in each of the recognised coat colours, to be used as the Club’s new logo.


The EACA’s Ruby Anniversary was celebrated with a week-long International Collie Convention and commemorative Handbook/Catalogue.


Brian House was elected Secretary replacing Pat Hutchinson who, after eleven years in the role, expressed a wish to retire.

Eye Clinics at our Championship Shows were discontinued.

The EACA’s Golden Anniversary Year. The Championship Show provided many ‘specials’ for exhibitors and a range of additional high quality gifts were available on the Club Stand.


A major change in East Anglian Collie Association management whereby Miranda Blake (corydon) and Lisa Pettit (lakebank) agreed to share Secretarial duties.



The EACA’s Health Register was introduced to the Club’s web site and open to all. The database records details of each dog together with a record of its health tests.

The EACA’s web site links directly to the Club’s closed face-book group for members.  

health coordinators. A new Kennel Club directive stated that all Breed Clubs must appoint a Health Coordinator so Pat Hutchinson was elected to fill this role. A Health Stand was introduced to all our events, providing advice on recently established DNA tests and other Collie health concerns.

The EACA introduced a CEA database for genetically tested Collies.


The EACA introduced a mentoring scheme for SAC judges, the mentor being not only a committee member but also a Championship Show judge of  Rough and/or Smooth Collies.


3 Special award classes (sac) introduced at all our shows to provide additional judging opportunities for novice (‘C’ list) judges.

The EACA’s Diamond Jubilee. The August Championship Show’s  commemorative catalogue will contain three-generation pedigrees of all exhibits and Kennel advertisements; all exhibitors will receive a gift of a special ring clip and class winners will receive ‘specials’ and goodies. As a one-off, the committee organised a Fun Day in May for companion Collies.


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The EACA sadly lost 3 long-serving Officers and committee during 2017: Jim Barnard (Washbay) in the Spring, Thelma Clarke (Beaublade) and Lyn Westby (our President), both in December of this year.