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The ‘Collie’ refers to both Rough and Smooth-coated Collies. This section is
intended for all Collie owners, breeders, and exhibitors in addition to those
who are taking their first steps into purchasing a Collie to join their family.

19th century Rough & Smooth Collie

The image on the left
was originally
commissioned for
Vero Shaw’s
Illustrated Book
of the Dog
published in 1881. the lithograph was produced by Vincent Brocks Day & Son, though the original artist is not recorded.

One of a series depicting the popular breeds of the day, this one features
Mr W. W. Thomson’s
Smooth Collie ‘
Mr S E Shirley MP’s Rough Coated ‘

The collie section includes advice on breed suitability and general care of a collie for the pet owner and, for exhibitors and breeders, the collie (rough) and collie (smooth) breed standards are included together with information on breed health, puppy rearing advice, and sales’ and stud contracts (members of the KC’s assured breeder scheme are required to provide this information with all puppies sold and/or dogs used at stud).

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